The excitement of the Oshi No Ko Season 2 anime on video, here is the synopsis and broadcast schedule

Posted by – Vidio is showing the latest anime entitled Oshi No Ko Season 2, which offers a unique and interesting story about reincarnation and the Japanese entertainment industry.

Season 2 will adapt the manga from volumes 4 to 6 and there will be several new characters introduced. The characters in this anime are cute and relatable, making them easy for the audience to like.

Apart from the story, this anime has good, high-quality animation and has a catchy soundtrack that is easy to remember.Season 2 focuses more on Aqua and Akane’s character development.

Oshi no Ko Season 2 is a continuation of the successful anime Oshi no Ko in 2022. This anime tells the story of Aqua, an otaku who is reincarnated as the child of her idol, Ai Hoshino.

In season 2, Aqua and her older sister, Akane Hoshino, continue to grow and thrive in the Japanese entertainment industry. They face various obstacles, including stiff competition, lurking paparazzi, and an unexpected scandal.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Anime Show Schedule on Vidio
Season 1 of the anime was a huge success and received a lot of praise from fans. Now you can watch the anime oshi no ko season 2 with Indonesian subtitles via the Vidio streaming platform. New episodes will air every Wednesday at 22.00 WIB.

Don’t forget to download the Vidio application on your cellphone via the Play Store and App Store to enjoy the viewing experience anywhere and anytime only on Vidio.

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