Synopsis of the Anime Mashle Magic and Muscles The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc, Shown on Vidio

Posted by – Jakarta Vidio is again broadcasting various interesting entertainment that many Indonesians like. One of them is anime, Vidio has broadcast many legendary anime up to the latest anime complete with Indonesian subtitles.

Currently, Vidio announces that it is returning to show the newest anime entitled Mashle Magic and Muscles The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc. This is a continuation or season 2 of the anime Mashel: Magic and Muscles.

This anime is adapted from the manga with the same title and has a total of 13 episodes. Telling about life in a magical world, people with distinctive marks on their faces are considered magic users.

Mash Burnedead, a reclusive young man with superpowers, lives quietly in the forest with his father. How will the story continue in season 2? Before watching the video, read the following synopsis.

Mash Burnedead is a young man who lives in the forest with his father. In a world where magic is everything, Mash has no magic at all. However, he possessed extraordinary physical strength.

One day, Mash is found by a magic hunter and taken to an elite magic academy. At the academy, Mash has to face various obstacles and enemies who use magic. With his extraordinary physical strength, Mash managed to defeat them all.

Watch Anime Mashle Magic and Muscles Season 2 on Vidio
Mash Burnedead is a very unique main character. He doesn’t have magic, but he has incredible physical strength. Are you curious about what’s next? You can watch Mashle Magic and Muscles with Indonesian subtitles via the Vidio streaming platform starting July 7 2024 on Vidio.

Don’t forget to¬†download the Vidio application on your cellphone via the Play Store and App Store to enjoy the viewing experience anywhere and anytime only on Vidio.

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