It’s been around since the 20th century, here are 6 unique facts about anime from Japan

Posted by – When you hear the term anime, of course Japan will immediately come to mind for many people. Anime originates from Japan and is one of the popular shows that many people like. Many genres and stories in the form of anime are popular not only in their country of origin, but also in various countries.

In fact, many anime series have been translated into various languages ​​so that many people can enjoy them.

If you are among those who like anime, let’s find out some unique facts, come on!

Unique Anime Facts

1. Appeared in the 20th Century

Quoted from, anime apparently first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1907, the first and oldest anime appeared, namely Katsudo Shashin.

However, it is not known who created this anime and it only lasted three seconds.

When it first appeared, anime was still made without audio and the visuals only used black and white.

Then anime continued to develop using colorful visuals, there was voice acting, and even the quality of the images became much better.

2. Anime Terms

Do you know where the term anime comes from?

Anime turns out to be an abbreviation of the word “animation” which later became the name for animation production in Japan.

So, this anime can cover many things, such as television shows, films and original video animation (OVA – Original Video Animation).

3. Anime In Various Forms

The progress of anime doesn’t only have an impact on the quality of the images or stories presented, you know.

Popular anime can not only be enjoyed in the form of picture shows but in various other forms.

There are many forms of collaboration between an anime show and various objects from dolls, cutlery, bags, clothes, and so on.

Anime is not only an entertainment business but also creates a lot of collaboration by making various objects that have selling value.

Even an anime that is popular today, namely Pokémon, has appeared in various forms, such as films, video games, and merchandise.

Additionally, there are many other types of anime that make for a lot of amazing franchise businesses.

4. Otaku Culture

Otaku culture is also one of the unique facts about anime, you know. Why is that?

Otaku is a form of Japanese pop culture that is famous throughout the world.

Well, otaku is also a term for people who are obsessed with various pop cultures such as manga and of course anime.

So, people who like Japanese anime can be called otaku.

5. Manga, Anime, and Movies

Manga and anime are two things that are often related to each other.

Many anime created in Japan originate from manga.

In fact, its development didn’t just stop there, but also entered the world of film.

Manga is a source of inspiration that creates anime in the form of series and films.

6. Popular shows in the world

What’s unique about anime is that its audience is not only Japanese, but many people from various countries.

Anime was originally made only for Japanese people so there are many cultural elements in it.

But now, there are many anime that mix many interesting cultures and ideas.

Even in the form of images, anime is not only watched by children but also adults.

From this explanation of unique facts about anime, friends will learn about the extraordinary popularity of anime culture, which has made Japan famous throughout the world.

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