7 Football Anime Series That Are Suitable to Watch during Fasting Moments

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Euro-Anime.id – Japanese anime does have a lot of creative ideas in its main premise. There are stories about ninjas, detectives, and even sports.
Football is one of the anime themes that has been adapted quite a lot. There is an anime that follows a storyline about the struggle of a young man in achieving his dream of becoming a skilled footballer. These football themed anime inspire the audience.

1. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa
Of course we will start with Captain Tsubasa. How could it not be, this anime is so popular all over the world, it has succeeded in making many people want to dream big like the captain. After investigating, Fernando Torres, one of the legendary Spanish strikers, became a football player because of watching this anime.
Captain Tsubasa tells the story of a young boy who dreams of becoming a professional gamer. His extraordinary talent made his football career so easy to progress. Until he became captain of the club and the Japanese national team. In fact, Tsubasa succeeded in bringing Japan to the World Cup championship. This anime is based on the manga of the same title by Yoishi Takahashi.

2. Ganbare Kickers

Ganbare Kickers

Since 1986, the anime Ganbare Kickers was released. This old anime tells the story of a children’s soccer team that almost never wins. Until they arrive a new child named Daichi Kakeru. He has extraordinary skills in processing round leather. This makes the team’s self-confidence increase, and the team’s performance improves.
This cool anime really presents motivational values. With typical anime comedy scenes, Ganbare Kickers will make you feel at home watching every episode. This anime was broadcast on a private Indonesian TV station, you know!

3. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

Anime about football has a similar premise, namely telling the story of building a team from lowly ones to a classy team that is idolized by many people. Inazuma Eleven has the same spirit.
Uniquely, Inazuma Eleven was born from a Nintendo game. It was so popular that an anime series version was made in 2008. Even though it’s not as famous as Captain Tsubasa, this anime is no less exciting.

4. Aoki Densetsu Shoot

Aoki Densetsu Shoot

Only released 18 episodes, but this anime is quite emotionally draining. There is an extraordinary struggle from the characters who appear in this anime. Aoki Densetsu Shoot tells the story of three friends who attend the same school. All three dream of becoming famous soccer stars.
They build a team so they can really make their dreams come true. However, who would have thought, their dreams were not as smooth as they thought. There are many trials, from inside the field as well as outside the field. Everything is so emotional in this anime, better known as Shoot .

5. Giant Killing

Giant Killing

The anime Giant Killing tells the story of a football club in East Tokyo that almost went bankrupt. The club is called East Tokyo United or what is often called ETU. The club kept losing and faced internal team problems: their star players moved and the coach left the team.
It didn’t stop there, the fans of this club had also lost hope. Until finally a new coach came in. An eccentric coach who brought a breath of fresh air to the glory of this club. If you’re curious, how did this football club finally recover? Just watch this anime.

6. Offside


Maybe you watched it several years ago on one of the private television stations in Indonesia. The anime Offside tells the story of a student named Goro Kumagaya who failed to enter his favorite high school called Yokonan, because he was attracted to its famous soccer team.
He finally entered Kawasaki High School, which in fact was just ordinary. However, who would have thought there he would meet many potential great players. The students are really good at playing football. They also formed a team and were ready to challenge the greatness of other high school teams, including Yokonan High School.

7. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker tells the story of Kyosuke Kano, whose career is always overshadowed by his older brother, Seisuke. His life became uneasy, his career also felt like it was falling apart. Even Kyosuke was finally forced to coach the women’s soccer team.
There is an emotional interest contained in this anime. Interestingly, this anime was created by Yoichi Takahashi. Yep, he’s the person who also created the Manga Captain Tsubasa. So, you can already imagine how tight the plot of this anime is?

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