7 Dream Boy Characters from Studio Ghibli Anime, Do You Have a Favorite?

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Euro-anime.id – There are many of the best male characters from anime produced by Studio Ghibli. One of them is Haku from Spirited Away.

Anime fans are certainly familiar with Ghibli studies. This studio is known to have produced a multitude of masterpieces that many audiences like.

Not only does it present great stories, anime from Ghibli is also known for presenting interesting characters, including male characters. Not only because of their external appearance, women crave them because they have the character or traits they dream of. Here are some examples.

Best Male Characters from Ghibli Anime

1. Haku – Spirited Away

Haku is Chihiro’s helper in the anime film Spirited Away. Even though he just met him, he can be a soft-hearted and loyal friend.

In the storyline of Spirited Away, Haku is shown as a wise and kind boy. He is truly present as the savior of Chihiro who is trapped in the world of spirits.

On the one hand, Haku doesn’t talk much. However, his true self is visible in every action. Not only brave, Haku is also very protective of Chihiro. Several times, he helped and saved Chihiro from danger, including Yubaba’s threats.

2. Tatsuo Kusakabe – My Neighbor Totoro

Tatsuo is an understanding husband and an extraordinary father to his two daughters. When conditions are difficult, he can still entertain his daughter and take care of his sick wife.

In the storyline of My Neighbor Totoro, Tatsuo’s wife is seriously ill, so she has to be hospitalized for a long time. However, Tatsuo remains strong and can still care for his daughters, Satsuki and Mei, cheerfully and always sees the good side in all situations.

Whenever Satsuki and Mei told him about something or some strange place they saw, he would immediately believe it. In fact, when there was no proof for the things they told him, Tatsuo accepted them without batting an eye.

Despite his busy work and efforts to care for his wife, Tatsuo is a very loving and caring father figure.

3. Jiro Horikoshi – The Wind Rises

Jiro is a talented engineer who loves building planes. However, his dreams were hampered due to the problem of farsightedness he experienced.

Even so, Jiro did not give up. Together with his partner, Caproni, he was determined to create the best airplane ever.

In his love story, Jiro also has a serious relationship with his idol, Naoko Satomi. Despite all his limitations, he will gladly overcome the ups and downs of life as long as he is with her.

4. Prince Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka is actually an example of an ideal prince. He is liked by the people, very polite, brave, and strong enough to fight the threats that arise.

Even when he was condemned to exile, Ashitaka still accepted his fate with his head held high and his heart strong. Throughout his travels, he also always treated people with great care and respect.

Not to mention, his nature is very peace-loving. He truly became a loving leader and true supporter of peace.

5. Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle

At first glance, Howl looks like a classic cute guy in anime. Not infrequently, he steals attention through his appearance and fashion sense which tends to be excessive. Even so, his strength cannot be underestimated.

Howl is one of Ingary’s most powerful wizards. Not only is he skilled in combat, his presence can also instill fear in every enemy he encounters.

Even though he has a bad side that has caught up with him, Howl is actually a good person. He even volunteers to look after the cursed Sophie in his mobile castle.

6. Fukuo – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Fukuo is a guy who doesn’t talk much. However, it is not uncommon for people to misunderstand and feel afraid because they see their physical appearance.

Despite Fukuo’s muscular strength, his heart is very soft. Not only does he work hard at the bakery, he often celebrates Kiki’s achievements and enjoys other excitement in his daily life.

7. Seiji Amasawa – Whisper of the Heart

Seiji Amasawa is an understanding child. Living with his grandfather in an antique shop, he always helped his grandfather make violins.

In the course of the story, Seiji meets Shizuku, a beautiful girl who calls him annoying. Like the romance of young people, the meeting that started as banter turned into something more beautiful.

Seiji also has a brave nature and has high self-confidence. The proof is that he once decided to go abroad to develop his abilities. In fact, he also dared to ask Shizuku to marry him without further ado.

These are some of the best male characters from Studio Ghibli anime. Who is closest to your dream type of guy?

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