New Beauty Products 2021: Launches To Know About

Welcome to the very best new beauty products landing on the GLAMOUR desk this week. From luxurious skincare that harnesses the latest intelligent ingredients to revive skin with a newfound glow, to warming new fragrances to wrap up in, to the array of sophisticated makeup, including weightless foundations and sunless self tans and complexion-boosting bronzers, there’s always plenty to look forward to in the world of beauty, which is just as well seeing as we’re all in need of some cheering up as well as some serious pampering.

This week, new beauty launches include a luxurious new scent range from Bamford, who are known for their aromatherapy blends and organic formulas. The two new scents are both inspired by nature and the English countryside, with one evocative of Spring, and the other the perfect perfume for Winter. 

Speaking of Winter scents, there’s also a new candle set from Kalmar, which contain four scented candles that speak to different moods to realign energy and lift the soul. There’s also a scalp massager from WetBrush, which not only relieves tension but also boosts circulation and helps shift any product build up. 

Hermès have blessed us with another show-stopping beauty launch, this time in the form of a majestic, ethereal gold highlighting powder. From the intricate embossed pigment to the molton metal finish it gives to skin, it’s safe to say we are completely obsessed. 

Then there’s Carbon Theory’s new cleansing water, which offers myriad skincare benefits thanks to  Vitamin E oil, which melts make-up and impurities, hemp water to hydrate and soothe the skin and SymRelief® H – an anti-oxidant with calming qualities to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is left comforted as well as refreshed.

Plus, Byredo has launched a new, mesmerising fragrance inspired by the sensorial multitudes of Mumbai and Glossier has launched their first ever eyeshadow palettes, which provide a trio of wearable and highly pigmented shades in a mixture of matte and metallic finishes. 

So go on, revel in the new scientific skincare innovations, the very best in body care, the fabulous fragrances and the game-changing makeup products available right now (plus a few to look forward to).

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