The 25 Best Defensive Midfielders in World Football

In the modern game, a defensive midfielder is required to be at their very best for the full 90 minutes, running with their engine on full blast.

They need to be relentless pressers, able to read every situation imaginable, but also be talented on the ball, capable of intricately stroking it around at close range or picking a long range pass. Often, it’s hard to gain recognition in the best sides around the world if you play the anchor role, but every great team often has a ‘number six’ keeping the lights on – you know, making things tick.

The fun bit, for us anyway, is the debate around who the very best in the business is, because there are inevitably differing opinions about who is top dog.

So, because those kind of debates are what we thrive on, we present the 25 players who are the best in the business right now – primarily based on current form and standing at the highest level, taking into account injuries and excluding those who typically operate as a more rounded ‘central’ midfielder…

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