The Best Box-to-Box Midfielders of All-Time

The box-to-box midfielder – arguably the most demanding role on a football pitch.

Get it right and you look like a Swiss Army knife of footballing talent, powered by the legs and lungs of a marathon runner; get it wrong and you look like a headless chicken who is just desperate to touch the ball as much as possible.

Over the years we’ve been treated to some truly scintillating midfielders who offer both defensive protection as well as attacking prowess, while seeming to effortlessly cover the ground required to help out at both ends of the pitch.

Football is an ever-evolving sport, and not all of those changes are necessarily for the better. One thing that has become a rare commodity in today’s game is the box-to-box midfielder.

Unfortunately, the current fascination with possession-based football and playing out from defence has pretty much vacated the need for someone running 20km-per-game in the middle.

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