The Best Right-Backs of All Time

The right-back role has undergone quite the transformation in recent years. A typically unfashionable position on the pitch, the man chosen to guard the right side of defence has often been ridiculed as unambitious, untalented, or simply the best at doing the least important job in football.

Famously, Jamie Carragher even cracked the joke that a full-back is either a ‘failed winger, or a failed centre-back’ while ‘no one wants to grow up and be a Gary Neville (more on the Manchester United man later). But that disrespect and devaluing of the right-back has plagued the game for decades.

But these guys broke the mould. Some of the greatest players to step foot on a football field all hugged the right touchline, guarding their goalkeeper with their lives, as they did the dirty work that no one else could manage.

And my word, did they do it well. So, 90min has taken a look back at the ten best right-backs to have ever played our beautiful game, inspiring generations to follow in their untrendy footsteps.

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