The Missguided Black Friday 2021 Survival Guide

Black Friday 2021 is coming…

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WARNING: Black Friday 2021 is apprioaching.

It’s the one day a year where we find it reasonably acceptable to act like an absolute madman over some clothing you’ve been after all season. It’s the judgement call whether to keep your sanity and integrity and walk away empty-handed or just completely lose all dignity you have and walk away with everything you wanted, along with the stuff you didn’t actually want but ended up buying anyway.

Black Friday 2021

Don’t let Black Friday 2021 break you. This is your survival guide to make it through the 24 hours – whether it would be Black Friday online or in store.

6. Get prepping

Black Friday prep 2019

Preparation is key if you want to nail Black Friday weekend. Even if you’re not after clothes, it’s best to favourite or bookmark the products you want to get your hands on. For larger and more expensive products like a TV or sofa, check at least two competitors and favourite them. On the day, one retailer might offer 20% off and the other may discount 25% off the total price. Who’s the real winner?

Need a new wardrobe? Save your details on your account to make the whole process even quicker. Add what you like to your wishlist pre-sale and all you need to do is check back on the day and head straight to the checkout option. This will save you time in the long run. No babe wants to add a dress that’s two sizes too big their bag just ’cause it’s a tenner. Stick with prepping and you’ll avoid panic buying things you don’t actually need.

5. Sign up

Black Friday shopping 2019

In previous Black Fridays, we made sure to give you a different discount by the day by email and social media. Sign up to all your favourite brands’ newsletters and follow them all on Twitter/Facebook/Insta to make sure you’re the first to know of any time-limited deals and flash sales. This works when you know exactly what you want.

4. Keep to a budget

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Black Friday may fall on payday,  but bear in mind that it’s your last payday before Christmas: cue warning sirens everywhere. Retailers have a way of making everything seem urgent. Even though this panic mode works in most cases, keep your dollar firmly in your pockets by setting a budget to spend. Just after clothes? Stick to a £100/200 budget with a give or take leeway of £30. This will help you on those last minute buys and when to actually say no to yourself.

3. Be savvy

Black Friday savvy RS

You might try to outsmart Black Friday but it might end up outsmarting you. Use your judgement on the products you’re buying. After a party dress? It’s probably best to add to bag the glitziest dress out there for all your antics over the Christmas period. When Black Friday is over, you’re unlikely to see any discounts off party dresses as they’ll still be in demand.

2. Timing really is everything

Black Friday isn’t going to wait until you’re sat at your desk at 9am sharp or whenever you have some spare time to pop down to the shops. Some of the best Black Friday offers start at midnight and some appear in the early hours of the morning. In the words of The Telegraph, ‘Vouchercloud said it saw a 46 per cent increase in pre-6am traffic, with 208 per cent increase in traffic at 5am on Friday morning’. Overload on caffeine – it’s going to be a long night.

1. If you failed Black Friday 2021…

Black Friday 2019 sales

It’s OK, it happens. If you feel like Black Friday shopping has been one massive fail and you’ve come away from the laptop or the shop empty-handed, then you’ve got the whole weekend to try again. Cyber Monday is another chance to get involved in all the flash sales and discounts. So if Black Friday just wasn’t your day, you’ve got a second shot to own the sales.

Good luck this weekend (ESPECIALLY if you work in retail)! Get adding to your wishlist now, by checking out what’s new on-site here:

And check out all our Black Friday deals here:

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