Expert Money Tips: Financial Advice For An Unemployed Graduate Worrying About Saving

Welcome to Money Matters: GLAMOUR’s weekly dive into the world of finance. We’re chatting all things personal finance, from contracting rights in the workplace to expert mortgage advice and saving for your first home, to ISAs and dealing with debt, to help empower you to make better choices. Now more than ever it’s important to understand our money, but so many of us feel as if we don’t have a handle on it – or worse, feel anxious and scared about money. 

So each week, a woman in a unique situation will give us an honest breakdown of her finances, and our expert will tell her easy tips on exactly how to tackle it. So, take a seat, and let’s talk about money…

Nadine*, 22, is an unemployed graduate living with parents in London and worrying about starting out on the career ladder with no savings. Here’s her money month.

I am currently living with my parents rent free in London, and I’m searching for my first proper job. I recently graduated from an MA, and the anxiety I started to feel as the end of my degree has crept up has really increased now that I’m actually job hunting.

I’m so nervous that finding a job in these times is going to be much more difficult than in a non-pandemic situation, which is difficult enough to begin with. I expect that the job I do hopefully and eventually get will be quite a low salary and I fear the ability to save and also eventually move out and pay rent, etc.

The biggest financial question I would like answered is – once I do get a job, how to start saving from a low salary? How much to allow myself to spend etc and how will I ever afford to move out? I am essentially starting from 0 once I get a job, so I want to know what to do from there.


Current account: £30

Savings account: £0


Annual salary: £0

Any other incoming payments: My parents give me some money now and then.


Rent: Living with parents rent free

Bills: None

Weekly budget: None


Student loan: £47,000


My worst money habit: Online shopping for things I do not need.

My biggest money worry: Being able to save for future renting / buying situation – it is a long way in the distant future but I have an anxiety that I need to start saving straight away.

My financial hopes for the future: To be able to save from a young age so I can hopefully buy a home one day.

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