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What would you do if we told you that from the 25th November, SKIMS is having its very own Black Friday sale? Scream and set your alarm clock as a reminder? We thought so. Yep, SKIMS Black Friday is official and it’s set to be full of the brand’s bestsellers. Think the legendary Cozy Collection loungewear, Fits Everybody bras and briefs and, of course, the Sculpting range.

We have been totally and utterly obsessed with all things SKIMS since it launched. There is no denying that Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand (which actually spans across way more than just underwear these days) is booming. Before the powerhouse hit our shores, the most we owned by way of ‘supportwear’ were some old Bridget Jones style undies that actually gave us way more VPL than we had to begin with. SKIMS, however, provides the perfect antidote with something for everyone to wear every day and actually be able to breathe. That’s not to say you should don shapewear 24/7 though, by the way, but it’s good to have options.

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As well as shipping to the UK from its own website, SKIMS is also sold on Net-A-Porter and Selfridges. While Net-A-Porter’s Black Friday bonanza hasn’t quite begun (we’re waiting with bated breath for when it does), Selfridges has a Christmas Comes Early sale of up to 20% off selected brands and products. Sadly, Kim Kardashian’s label doesn’t appear to be included in this offer, so you will have to wait until the big reveal over on

Now it’s just a question of what to buy, right? Well you can’t go wrong with the Cozy Knit Tank and matching Cozy Knit Pant this time of year – picture yourself snuggled up on the sofa while wearing the set, you could even treat yourself to the matching slippers too.

You could even channel Kim K herself in the Sculpting Bodysuit when you’re next head-to-toe in bodycon. Whenever you spot her wearing something skin tight on Instagram, you can guarantee she’s got one on underneath for that perfectly smooth finish she always achieves.

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