The Best Facial In London: The Best Facials And Facialists

Deciding on the best facial for your skin is always difficult and yet doing so is an important step in a comprehensive skincare regime. Sure, you might not have the luxury of booking into a spa every other week, but visiting a pro for a deep cleanse, a sculpting facial massage and a few necessary extractions every once in a while is always a good idea. 

How we treat our skin now can impact its condition for years to come so seeking a pro treatment can actually save you time and money in the long run – especially with sensitised skin on the rise (directly thanks to us meddling with potent skincare at home) as well as conditions such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. 

When it comes to facials, not all are made equal. You can get one that feels nice, but doesn’t really make a huge amount of difference to your skin. You can get one that’s all frills and no substance (aka heavy on dolphin music, but light on the active ingredients that kick-start cell renewal and rebuild compromised barrier functions). Or, you can get one with an experienced and exceptional aesthetician who can identify the issues particular to your skin and put together ingredients and techniques that leave your skin in peak condition.

Really, when it comes to facials, you’re paying for the ingredients and the expertise. Nail that last point by finding someone who really knows what they’re doing and the rest will follow.

Why looking after your skin barrier is crucial for a healthy complexion, and the best products to protect and rebuild

We’ve made a list of the superstar facialists at the top of their game. Alongside a range of luxurious and results-driven skincare products, these experts rely on a combination of innovative massage techniques and technical innovations to provide a world-class facial that’s able to treat a multitude of skin conditions and concerns. While some prefer the natural side of skincare, opting for essential oil blends and hands-on massage, others call on the latest tech like lasers to target pigmentation and light therapy to eliminate clogged pores.

These are the best facialists in London…

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