Top 5 Best Fantasy Anime of 2022 List [Best Recommendations]

When you think of a protagonist, the blank slate of a guy in his teens/early twenties with average looks, intelligence, and physical ability, serving as a clear canvas to project onto with usually crazy power scaling through the series. Isekai Ojisan takes the standard formula and flips it completely, making our protagonist Ojisan, the uncle to Takaoka Takafumi, who has been in a coma for seventeen years and rambles about being in another world when he comes out of his coma. The two end up making a YouTube channel and Takaoka catches his uncle up to speed with everything he has missed. Isekai Ojisan is such an interesting change of formula for the genre, flipping between the other world and the modern day, all seen through the eyes of a guy from an older generation, putting it high up on our list.

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