Monthly Horoscope November 2021: Star Sign Astrological Predictions

Expect the beginnings of an energy shift around 19 December as the full moon beams into your home and family zone. Remember that thing called work-life balance, Pisces? You may have some making up to do! By 21 December you’ll be ready to slip into something sparkly and celebrate a job well done. Just make sure you’re spending time with people who truly have your best interests at heart. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong, magical fish. Do anything you can to keep your self-care game on track from Christmas Eve and you’ll sail through the season in style. There’s luck on your side (thanks to Jupiter in your sign from 28 December) as the year draws to a close – and it’ll last well into 2022 too. Make a wish, Pisces. You’re going really going somewhere.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Try a pre-Christmas detox for next level clarity. 

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Enjoy the spotlight.         


20 March–18 April

Life moves pretty fast, but it’s even faster when you’re an Aries. If you’re feeling desperate for escape, adventure and a break from the norm, Sag season has got your back fiery ram. And even if you can’t quite swing a one-way ticket to paradise right now, booking in a few exciting plans will go a long way towards redressing the balance in your life this month. An important cycle (one that started in summer 2020) might be coming to a natural end right now – don’t be afraid to let something go. Some people really are only meant to be with us for a season, Aries. It’s not you, it’s life – and you’ve got this! 

Use the power of the 4 December new moon eclipse to call in something you really want and things will soon fall into place. It’s step it up time! The 19 December full moon urges you to say what needs to be said while there’s still time to make a difference. And don’t let a setback in your career or social status get you down as December ploughs on. You’re destined to be part of a power couple, Aries, but whether that’s in life, love or business, you need to bide your time right now. Don’t pull the first punch on Christmas Eve and you’ll slide into New Year, New You season feeling stronger than ever. You’re about to rise again, Aries. Think healing, closure and fresh starts all round as 2022 begins. 

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