11 Best Hot Chocolate Makers For Cosy Nights In

Picture the scene: you’ve just got in from a long, cold walk. You’re wrapped in your cosiest knitwear and socks on the sofa… but you still can’t feel your toes.

You know what’d do the trick? Pouring yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate from the spout of one of the best hot chocolate makers.

There’s something about a super sweet mug of hot cocoa that’s really quite cathartic, isn’t there? One sip never fails to bring back the nostalgia of happy childhood memories, snow days with your family and cosy evenings at home.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy hot chocolate as a grown-up, even if an Espresso is usually more your vibe. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we should all do more of the things that bring us joy – whether that’s walking, chatting to loved ones, or whipping up our favourite chocolate-flavoured hot drink. Topped with whipped cream and marshmallows for good measure. 

And that’s where our guide to the best hot chocolate makers comes in.

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No, you probably hadn’t realised that you need a hot chocolate maker, either. But if you’ve got a coffee machine or espresso machine, a hot choc maker is the next kitchen appliance to add to your collection. ‘Cos trust us when we say that the hot chocolates that come out of a hot chocolate maker – as opposed to the drinks you whip up with a saucepan of steaming milk – are second to none. 

All anyone raves on about this time of year is Hotel Chocolat’s sell-out Velvetiser hot chocolate machine, so it’s about time we shared more of the best hot chocolate makers to have on your radar. We’ve got options from Amazon, John Lewis, SMEG and more.

PSA: an easy cleaning hot chocolate maker also makes for a great gift for foodies and cocoa lovers. Make sure to check out our hot chocolate gift sets and chocolate advent calendars, while you’re at it.

So, why is a hot chocolate maker a good investment?

The UK is in the midst of a pretty chilly autumn and winter, so everyone could do with a gadget countertop machine to make those hot beverages we know and love so well.

If you didn’t know, there’s actually a big crossover between hot chocolate making machines and coffee makers, so lots of the models in this round up do both. This means you’re not just investing in hot chocolates on tap, but perfectly frothy coffees, too.

Multitasking machines? We love to see it.

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When would I use my hot chocolate machine?

For cosy evenings in, of which we’re currently having plenty. For lazy Sunday mornings, with your croissant in bed. For warming up, post-long weekend stroll or chilly run.

There are endless chocolate recipes when it comes to making a cup of hot chocolate, and a machine or a foam maker with temperature control is much easier than melting an entire chocolate bar on a stove while mixing in cold milk. Sounds like a done deal to us.

What are the different hot chocolate machines available?

As we touched on above, there are machines designed specifically with hot chocolate making in mind, like the Hotel Chocolat or Lakeland machines. The Hotel Chocolat one comes with chocolate to make your cocoa with in the form of a bag of real chocolate flakes. Drool.

Or, there are a whole load of milk frothers which also double up as hot chocolate making machines, too. They’ll warm and froth your milk and hot chocolate mix, but you’ll have to source the latter from your local supermarket yourself. We like the look of this Dualit frother from John Lewis, or this super snazzy SMEG option, with a whopping six froth settings.

Do note here, all of the machines will work for making hot chocolate and frothy milk for the best coffee. That’s basically what hot chocolate is, right? Frothy milk… with an extra choccie-flavoured boost.

Keep reading for our full edit of the best hot chocolate makers from Hotel Chocolat, Lavazza, Dualit and more.

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