The world’s most beautiful floating bar

Welcome to Seventh Heaven, one of the newest escapes in Fiji. And spoiler alert: it’s seriously good.

Let’s take you to the Mamanucas; a golden collection of islands off the coast of Nadi home to luxury retreats and exceptional day trips.

It’s here you’ll find a floating platform of bliss. Seventh Heaven is effectively the world’s most beautiful bar. It’s two-storey, with a restaurant, pizza oven and sun loungers on the lower floor. Upstairs are more loungers and a “leap of faith” into the water. It’s also where you’ll find one of the most beautiful massage huts in the world.

Each year, tens of thousands of Kiwis decide to base themselves at Denarau for their Fiji holiday. It’s a hub of large resorts, just a short distance from the airport.

The only downside to staying there is that you don’t get to experience the real Fiji – those magical turquoise waters that will have you returning year after year.

However, there’s an easy remedy. A collection of day trips leave Port Denarau each day, taking you straight out to paradise, and Seventh Heaven is the latest option.

The trip starts with a 45-minute trip out the platform. As the boat nears, you notice an idyllic little buoyant bar come into view.

Once you reach Seventh Heaven, it’ll take your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the intensity of the colours – the water can best be described as “Photoshop blue”.

You then grab a drink, secure your lounger for the day and unwind. My idea of bliss was grabbing a book and doing precisely nothing. However, many others jumped into the water to snorkel.

By lunchtime, the centre of gravity becomes the wood-fired pizza oven. There’s also a menu of favourites like fish and chips, arancini and dumplings. It feels weird feasting in the middle of nowhere – but that’s how Seventh Heaven works.

In the afternoon, some people headed upstairs to the massage bure while others jumped off the second-storey platform.

The concept is similar to the popular Cloud 9 bar – but I found Seventh Heaven less focused on partying and a little more refined, which would make it my pick.

One of our fellow guests jumped on a tender boat, and to our surprise, headed back to his giant superyacht parked nearby, worth tens of millions – if not more. Before he departed, he told the staff just how much he loved the place.

It turns out that this is a playground of millionaires. But the best part about Seventh Heaven is that you don’t need to be one to enjoy it.

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