19 Properties from Films & TV Shows That You Can Actually Stay In

While watching House of Gucci, who else thought: ‘Damn, that Lake Como villa is beautiful’? Well, good news: as it’s one of the properties from films and TV shows you can stay the night in. 

A must-visit location is one of the many things that can get us hooked on a new TV show. Sure, a riveting plot, all-star cast, and characters we wish we could be BFFs with are the main draw. But what Sex and the City fan hasn’t dreamed of going to New York and visiting Carrie’s apartment? Hasn’t every Sex Education obsessive added Symonds Yat to their ever-growing list of weekend break destinations? And just imagine if we could go back in time to the 1800s and live our best Bridgerton lives. 

While many film and TV locations are fictional sets constructed in studios, some of your favourite characters’ homes are actually real life houses you can visit in person. And even better, some are available to rent on Airbnb for your next holiday.

Back to Villa Balbiano: the awe-inspiring Italian property featured in the most high-fashion film of the year, House of Gucci. Transporting visitors to the height of ‘90s Italy, Villa Balbiano is the site of Gucci family patriarch Aldo Gucci’s home in the film, which hit UK cinemas on Friday November 26. It’s opulent, it’s magical, and it’s set right on the shores of Lake Como. In fact, it’s actually of the largest private residences on Lake Como, featuring six lavish suites as well as extravagant, lush gardens – which were distinguished by the British Society of Garden Designers. And we’ve managed to track down its Airbnb listing. 

How to stay there? Well, unfortunately, you can’t just book through Airbnb for any dates you please. Villa Balbiano is far too exclusive for that. Instead, the host is offering a special, one-night stay, available on Airbnb on 30th March, 2022, for one guest and a plus one to spend a night in the master suite, with access to Villa Balbiano’s lavish amenities including the first four floors of the home, the outdoor swimming pool, private pier and boathouse. The listing costs 1,000 euros for the night. Bookings for this one-night stay open on Monday, 6th December at 5pm (GMT). 

Villa Balbiano isn’t the only property from a film or TV show that you can actually rent. So, if you want to imagine for a few nights what it’s like to live inside your favourite films or series and get a little bit closer to those characters, all you have to do is book one of the properties from films and tv shows you can stay in. Get ready to dive through your tv screen and disappear into a different world (kind of). 

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Keep scrolling for our round up of all the Airbnb homes and hotel stays from your favourite movies and tv shows that you can book to stay at now. 

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