Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Dedicates 70 Tattoos To Wife Nicola

Ah, young love: may we know it, may we feet it and may we tattoo it all over body to surprise our significant other with. Ok, we know that last one is not how the saying goes, but we’re coining it as a new phrase since we learned that Brooklyn Beckham, now Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, has 70 tattoos dedicated to his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham. 

70 permanent inkings on his body and we can’t even get a text back?! Yep, cool, we feel fine about that. 

The couple married in a lavish Palm Beach ceremony earlier this year (where Elton John entertained hundreds of guests with his dulcet tones and notorious piano stylings), and it’s clear that the newlywed buzz hasn’t worn off yet. Bringing his total tattoos up to a respectable 100, Brooklyn revealed his latest addition via Instagram Stories a short while ago, showing himself with the word ‘married’ tattooed across his hand, adding the words “surprised my baby” over the top. 

And you think that after the 68th or 69th tattoo your husband dedicates to you, the shine might wear off. But no, not in Nicola’s case, who, Brooklyn told USA Today, “always cries” when he surprises her with a new ink addition. 

“I kind of was just like, ‘Oh, we’re married, why not? It wasn’t a thing I thought about for months. I got married five months ago, why not?” he said during an interview with US news channel, adding: “’She always cries when I get her another tattoo, I always love to surprise her with new ink.”

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Well, to be fair, we might cry too if our partner immortalised our wedding vows on his arm shortly after our nuptials. Brooklyn’s tattoo tribute to the couple’s big day reads: “Nicola when you walked down the aisle you took my breath away you look so beautiful tonight and always.

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