Suspect: Channel 4’s New Drama Starring James Nesbitt And Richard E. Grant – Everything You Need To Know

We all love a gritty Channel 4 crime show, and the channel’s latest offering has an all-star cast and gripping storylines aplenty. Suspect is set to be a proper nail-biter, starring acting legends Richard E. Grant and James Nesbitt – and it’s got GBD (Great British Drama) written all over it.

So what’s it about? According to Channel 4, the series will centre around detective Danny Frater (James Nesbitt) – who gets the shock of his life when he arrives to routinely identify a body, only to find it is in fact his estranged daughter Christina (played by Imogen King).

While the post-mortem states that Christina took her own life, Danny believes there’s more to the story – and sets out to find out what really happened.

The synopsis says: “He sets out on a mission for the truth, retracing her last days and hours, in an agonising crusade to discover what really happened to his only child.” 

The show is set to star a number of other famous faces, including the aforementioned Richard E. Grant, who plays Christina’s mentor Harry – one of several characters that Danny questions in relation to her death.

Suspect will also look at the complicated relationship between father and daughter, as Danny himself wonders if his failings as a parent contributed to her death.

Meanwhile, Sex Education‘s Anne-Marie Duff will star as Danny’s ex-wife Susannah, Niamh Algar plays Christina’s partner Nicole, Antonia Thomas will appear as her best friend, Maia, and Ben Miller is Danny’s Detective Superintendent boss. Phew. 

Lead star James Nesbitt has said of the show: “I could relate to Danny, with his flaws, vulnerabilities and the devastating situation he faces, from the very first moment I picked up the script.

“Each episode of Suspect is an intensely theatrical double-hander, a psychological battle of wits between Danny and another character who may know something about his daughter’s untimely death, and I really can’t wait to lock horns with my fellow cast members and to lead this incredible array of acting talent.”

It’s set to unfold over eight episodes, though Channel 4 haven’t yet confirmed a release date – yet…

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