Lululemon just dropped its first workout shoe – and we put it to the test

Fitness fans went wild when Lululemon introduced its debut running shoe: Blissfeel earlier this year – and now, their second performance shoe – Chargefeel – has dropped (and we got a sneak peek preview before the workout shoe officially launched).

Now, as fitness fanatics, we admit we’re guilty of owning a fair few pairs of gym trainers – we have trail shoes for muddy, countryside runs, carbon-plated go-faster running trainers for race day and tempo sessions, super supportive and durable workhorse shoes for long-distance running and marathon training, weightlifting shoes for the gym and pretty much everything in between.

But what if there was just one shoe that could meet all our exercise needs? A shoe supportive enough to run in, but also light enough for HIIT classes and stable enough for strength training?

Enter: Lululemon’s Chargefeel.

Designed for running, training and on-the-go, this cross-training shoe has a dual density midsole that supports the multi-directional movement of training, while providing the energy return needed for running. Clever.

The idea stemmed from the fact that most people don’t just run or do yoga or stick purely to the gym – most of us like to switch up our training and workout in lots of different ways. Yet we tend to only wear shoes designed for one discipline. The Chargefeel, which, like the Blissfeel, is built specifically for the female foot, defies typical cross-training construction. 

Cross-training shoes, for those who don’t know, are hybrid workout trainers designed to allow wearers to move in different directions while offering the support needed to limit injury. They tend to provide stability for heavy lifts and jumps first and foremost, and are suitable for only short bursts of cardio. The Chargefeel, however, leads with the bounce and forward motion required in a running shoe, then rounds out with the stabilising side-to-side motion of a trainer.

How we tested the Lululemon Chargefeel

We first tested the Chargefeel during a ‘Sweat’ class at studio gym GRNDHOUSE, in London. Think: medium to heavy dumbbells, resistance bands, burpees… all that good stuff. And have since worn them on short 5k runs, for strength-based workouts, and to the supermarket for our weekly food shop.

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Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoe

The verdict: Lululemon Chargefeel

Available in two slightly different styles – Chargefeel mid (£138) and Chargefeel low (£128) – the Chargefeel mid has a high-top sock collar design for extra support, while the Chargefeel low looks more like what you’d expect from a workout trainer. The mid style is currently stocked in six different colours, while the low comes in eight different shades, from ‘lemon ice’ yellow to ‘magenta’ purple. We tested the Chargefeel low – but it’s mainly down to personal style and preference.

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