Best Pregnancy Pillow: 11 Top Picks For Back, Hip and Bump Pain

Pros: Good for side sleepers (ideally from the left hand side) and doesn’t take up much space.

Cons: Suitable from the second trimester onwards.

Customers are saying: It helps back sleepers to adjust to sleeping on their sides.

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Leachco pregnancy pillow

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Leachco Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

Why we love it: Developed in the US by the equivalent of an NHS registered nurse across the pond, the Leachco C-shape pregnancy pillow puts the lower back, belly and everything below into a neutral position to relieve any aches and pains and, lucky for us, it’s available in the UK through Amazon.

Pros: The removable cover is suitable for tumble drying.

Cons: Doesn’t really allow the user to move throughout the night, but this is to help put baby in their ideal labour position.

Customers are saying: Great for back support and use after the baby arrives, too.

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Pregnancy pillow Argos

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Tommee Tippee Made for Me Pregnancy and Baby Nursing Pillow

Why we love it: In an extra large size that’ll be just as suitable during pregnancy as it will be post-partum for breastfeeding, the Tommee Tippee maternity and breastfeeding pillow is a popular pick for a reason.

Pros: Includes a cotton cover that’s also a machine washable cover so you can keep it clean for you and baby.

Cons: The pillow is over 1.5 metres in length so isn’t ideal for use in a double bed for couples.

Customers are saying: It’s great for growing bellies from the first trimester onwards.

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Pregnancy pillow Asda

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Kinder Valley 12ft Nursing Maternity Pillow

Why we love it: At such an accessible price, this George pregnancy pillow is a top pick for mums to be in need to bump, back and knee support and has almost 1k glowing reviews.

Pros: Can be moulded to use as needed, either to reduce swelling on feet and ankles or, equally, as a prop for nursing a newborn.

Cons: Polycotton cover isn’t quite as sensitive skin-friendly as 100% cotton for new babies.

Customers are saying: Increases sleep quality tenfold and is easy to clean.

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When should you start using a pregnancy pillow? 

While there’s no right answer to this, as some mums-to-be might need a little extra back and hip support at an earlier stage, generally speaking, a pregnancy pillow will become most useful around one month into the second trimester. The second trimester begins at approximately week 14, so from this point to around week 20 is when lots of mamas start to experience insomnia during their pregnancy. As such, according to Peanut app – the community hub for women in the throes of their fertility journey, pregnancy, motherhood and even menopause – a pregnancy pillow will come in handy at this time, and help to offset all of the aches and pains popping up as a result of your body’s relaxin hormone getting you ready for labour. 

Which pregnancy pillow is the most popular?

With over 50,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Pharmedoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow is definitely one of the most popular pregnancy pillows among mums-to-be and features everything from organic cotton to a full U-shape head-to-ankle support system. No surprise it’s so popular really, is it?

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Pharmedoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow – U Shaped

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