Wild new plane design features a dance floor and a verandah

A German design company has come up with the ultimate status symbol, a wild concept plane for the one percenters of the world.

Called the Explorer, the remodelled A330 features a nightclub, glass floor, gym, garage, four double bedrooms and a veranda (to be used on the ground only).

A projection system also covers the walls and ceiling of the plane and will play a range of backgrounds – including an underwater world, and outer space.

Lufthansa Technik is behind the concept and Wieland Timm, Head of Sales VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services, likening the design to a superyacht.

“In yacht building, multifunctional exploration vessels have now become a class in their own right. And many owners of such vessels also call an aircraft their own,” said Timm.

“For this fast-growing target group of VIP world explorers, we have therefore now created a flying platform for the first time.

“Unlike a yacht, however, our Explorer aircraft allows passengers to travel to the other side of the globe within hours and set up their own individual base camp for further activities. This opens up completely new possibilities for explorers.”

The design caters for 12 passengers, however the concept can be reconfigured to fly up to 47 people.

Lufthansa Technik , which is a sister company of the German airline, showed off the design at the recent Dubai Air Show. Obviously, the plane doesn’t come cheap. It has a price tag of more than $A604 million.

The luxury private plane market has boomed during the pandemic, as the rich invest in ways to avoid the crowds.

In the US, private jet operators say they saw an unprecedented surge in business that has nearly returned the private jet charters to pre-pandemic levels.

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down the production and design of luxury aircraft either.

In September, Qatar Airways showed off the world’s first $105 million Gulfstream G700 luxury jet. According to the airline, it features the most spacious cabin in the industry, with “an extra-large galley with lounge or crew compartment, up to five living areas and a spacious, unparalleled grand suite with en suite washroom”.


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