Liverpool push through pain barrier to win FA Cup and keep quadruple dream alive

In football, you can’t just be good in order to win. You need to be lucky as well.

It’s the only sport in the world where great performances are not always backed up by results.

In order to combine those two qualities and win, it’s not as simple as having the luck of the Irish or a magical genie lamp to make your wishes come true. In some ways it’s more precise than that, but in others it’s way more random.

Since the appointment of Jurgen Klopp in 2015, Liverpool have largely done things right. Almost every signing they’ve made since has been a major success, they haven’t blazed the trail per se with their tactics but they’ve been the ones to perfect them, and they’ve had many a memorable night to remember.

Yet as rival fans will point out, they’ve won a solitary Premier League title in that time and that they had huge slices of luck in that season anyways.

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